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Saturday, May 24, 2008

People talking about the 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards

Its good to know that people are taking the time and efforts to talk about not only the 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards but about my award. I must say that I feel very happy that people are talking about these event and about us the porn stars that works hard to bring our fans the best, HornyDiablo.com talk about my award even though at first they didn't think that I deserved the award!! for some reason, but reading the comments on their site I'm very glad to see that people enjoy, and still watch my films, its so great to find out that after all this time and after not doing much lately they remember me and I have to thank all the fans for that!!!! the other site that talks about the awards is gayporntimes.com they mentioned Mario Cruz of of the BEST!!! and I think amazing guys and performers that I've ever seen there is a full article about Mario Cruz and the rest ot the winners. The 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards like I ahve said before was great many people from all over come to the event and I think that it is time that they get to recognition that they deserved !!!! Another site is kruezeratnight.com they also talked about it I'm very glad that Blatino Erotica awards is getting much deserved attention.
inlamagazine.com. Now I would Want to talk about Mario Cruz before the Botino Erotica Awards I've seen and hear about him and I think I met him before but very shortly and I never got to really get to know him, therefore I'm keeping in touch with him now that I saw him at the event and I really think that he is one of the hottest man I have ever seen, not only he is HOT!! but he really seems like a great guy, I want to get to know more him and maybe become great friends with him, maybe taste his wonderful body..:) I though to write about him because he has a good vive and everything time that I hear about him its always good things, and that makes very happy!!!

Well in other news I wanted to inform you all that My husband and I are leaving for our 3rd year anniversary to Kehena beach on the big Island of Hawaii on November 1st and coming back on the 9th. I'm so excited and happy I can't wait to be there, Sun, Hot weather, In a gay clothing optional resort 5 minutes from the Black beach!! isn't that great??

The place is Absolute Paradise B&B
looks good and just the place for us!! we are going to play a lot and there are other guys to play with we might just do that...:) Well now I'm hard just to think about it.

Well time to go now hope you all are having a great weekend.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

My award

Hey guys,

I'm back from Palms Springs and I couldn't be happier about it we had such a great time celebrating that I received my award. I can start by saying that the place was packed and I couldn't believed how many HOT! guys were there I mean it was crazy but lots of fun I was very nervous and excited all at the same time, but I got to meet some great guys and finally I met Joe Hawkins the person responsible for the event. We got there a bit early but my friend Jose from www.Bilatinmen.com was there and I got to talk to him and he make me go and get his award for best Latino web site so that is the reason why I got 2 awards!!! I was very happy to see one of my favorite bottom porn stars and he was dancing his great ass to me I really enjoy that.:) Mario Cruz I have his blog on my links in case you want to check him out. After the party and the event they announce that they were going to have sex parties and even tough it sounded Hot My husband and I decided to go out for dinner and clubbing with

our dear friends from Palm Springs. we just go back few days ago and I haven't be working out because I wanted to rest after be a bit stress for more than 2 months, but I'm getting my workout next week and getting ready to start my production (Any models available??) Tomorrow Friday my partner and I are going to Palm Springs again for Memorial weekend and I can't wait for that Sun naked and lots of sex..:) Anyhow I hope that you guys enjoy my blog and, next week I would talk about a new movie that I'm feature in, and also about my co-stars of all my films, it would be interesting!!

Much love

Sebastian Rio

Monday, May 5, 2008

The 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards with Sebastian Rio for Best Porn Star(Latino) Award


Hey guys,

Mark your calendars on May, 10th 2008 The Blatino Erotica Awards are next weekend and I'm very excited about the event!! that its almost here and I just can't wait to be there and celebrate with fans and friend. For those that are not going to be able to attend I will be bringing pictures and video for you to see!! I'm getting ready and trying not to get nervous about the whole thing I think that I would be fine but I have a thing when it comes to be in front of lots of people and naked..:) but I know that I would be fine...:) A very special thanks to all responsible for honor me , and Joe Hawkins for being so great guy to me...:) For more information about the event please log on to Blatino Erotica Awards

And if you life in Palm Springs I think you should come over and have a great time with all of us. The even is been held Helios Resort. 280 East Mel Avenue Palm Springs, CA 92262.

These past weekend my partner and I had a wonderful time with our friends from "TING" and like always we had so much fun all of then are great and we just laid back and took a lot of sun by the pool. We stayed with our dear friend "Steve" at his place in Palm Springs and I would like to take than chance again to thank him for letting us stay in his house. I do would like to thank Stephen and Michael our host at the Triangle Inn for always making us feel right at home and be in their beautiful place. Check their site for more information about the Triangle Inn resort in Palm Springs. Thanks to all of our friend from "TING" for everything, it was so great to see you all of you guys and we hope to see you next time.

Next up!! The 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards

Lost of love

Sebastian Rio