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Hope you enjoy my Nasty pics...  Love to show off.. Xtube page

Exhibitionist pig.

One of my new and hottest scenes its up and showing at this exact moment at
I have an amazing time shooting for them and Now that the final product its out, I wanted you all to check it out and see it.  We had a great cast that included: AJ Long,Derrick Hanson, Cole Hudson Blake Daniels and Of course me Sebastian Rio.  Five hot and horny guys fucking hot and tight holes.  Nothing gets better then this.  Directed by Nick Moretti, this is for sure and video not to be missed.. So head over and check it out..

Just another post from me about new updates and movies releasing.  I recently had the pleasure of working for  I had a great time shooting for them and it was a new type of porn for me as well.  I've never done a daddy so type of porn and I can only say that it was HOT..  I love fucking older guys as much as younger.  I mean, I like to fuck everything that moves but that's another story..  older 4 me its a site dedicated only the daddies/older men and I must say that they know what they're doing so i will recommend that is you like older men, the go there and explore.. 

Hey guys,

Its me again to let you know about my most recent shooting with Dark Alley Media.  I had an amazing time working with Nick Moretti, our Director.  My scene was with.  Derrick Hanson,AJ Long, Blake Daniels and Cole Hudso.  These guys are really HOT and they sure are fun..  I can't wait to see my movie when it comes out and I will make sure to let you all know about.. 

I'm very exited about this shoot.  I know they will make me look good..  Here are the Hottest guys I had the honor or working with.

Derrick Hanson                                                                                     Cole Hudso

            Blake Daniels                                                                               AJ Long

Aren't they fucking HOT..  Woof..  Check out Dark Alley Media for more info about my movie..