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Monday, March 18, 2013

One of my new and hottest scenes its up and showing at this exact moment at rawfuckclub.com.
I have an amazing time shooting for them and Now that the final product its out, I wanted you all to check it out and see it.  We had a great cast that included: AJ Long,Derrick Hanson, Cole Hudson Blake Daniels and Of course me Sebastian Rio.  Five hot and horny guys fucking hot and tight holes.  Nothing gets better then this.  Directed by Nick Moretti, this is for sure and video not to be missed.. So head over rawfuckclub.com and check it out..

Just another post from me about new updates and movies releasing.  I recently had the pleasure of working for older4me.com.  I had a great time shooting for them and it was a new type of porn for me as well.  I've never done a daddy so type of porn and I can only say that it was HOT..  I love fucking older guys as much as younger.  I mean, I like to fuck everything that moves but that's another story..  older 4 me its a site dedicated only the daddies/older men and I must say that they know what they're doing so i will recommend that is you like older men, the go there and explore.. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey guys,

Its me again to let you know about my most recent shooting with Dark Alley Media.  I had an amazing time working with Nick Moretti, our Director.  My scene was with.  Derrick Hanson, AJ Long, Blake Daniels and Cole Hudso.  These guys are really HOT and they sure are fun..  I can't wait to see my movie when it comes out and I will make sure to let you all know about.. 

I'm very exited about this shoot.  I know they will make me look good..  Here are the Hottest guys I had the honor or working with.

            Derrick Hanson                                                                                     Cole Hudso

            Blake Daniels                                                                               AJ Long


Aren't they fucking HOT..  Woof..  Check out Dark Alley Media for more info about my movie..

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey guys,

My again just let you know that I have few new movies out and I think you are going to Love them.  These are from the work for Breed Me Raw.  First time  working with this company and I must say that, I'm excited about working with them again..  Such a great time so, check these titles and bust a load or maybe more..  The first title is: Fuck My Slut Hole With the hot fucker Morgan Black.  Man, he has an amazing asshole  I wish i could have fucked him a lot more.. I also shot a scene with the one and only Matt Sizemore.  You ca watch me pounding the shit of Matt.  He's hole is so tasty and juicy 

Next stop is: Taking Loads 4 I shot a HOT fucking scene with Kamrun Assher.  Now talk about a tight hole with an amazing ass..  Room fuck with lots of cum.. 


And the next one isHard Bare Fucks 2And sweaty, hot and lots of cum with Matt Sizemore and Kamrum Assher  Well, there you're have it.  New stuff from Sebastian Rio.. 

Don't forget the follow me on Twitter @SebastianRio.

It has been a great year so far.  I get to do what I love and do it right.  I'm about to shoot four scenes again for Breed Me Raw and I can't wait.  I will be working with Preston Johnson,   Kyle Savage, Patrick O'Connor.  These are some HOT fuckers and I can't wait to taste their holes..


            Preston Johnson                                                                              Kyle Savage

               Patrick O'Connor

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My scene with Fantasticforeskin is up and you all can go and watch it by going to  Fantasticforeskin.com

I really enjoyed working with Robert Chandler.  I can't wait to work with him again..  For now log on to Fantasticforeskin.com and see me in action.  Also watch some HOT uncut dudes with really NICE, THINK AND LOG FORESKIN!!!

-Sebastian Rio

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Sunday coming up I will be shooting a scene for Fantastic Foreskin.  I can't wait to jerk off and play with myself and shooting a nice thick load... I will let you know when the scene is available..

Also, I'm getting ready to shoot for USAjock.com  Hot guys and amazing asshole...  3 scenes with them and shooting deep inside their asshole..

Hey everyone,

Its me again with just few updates.  Two weeks ago I got the opportunity of working for Treasure Island Media.  My scene was AMAZING!!  these guys were HOT and we had a fantastic time.  I want to thank Trevor and Pony from the TIM..  You guys rock!!  More info about the movie once I know about it..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My up coming shoot with FORBIDDEN FUNK MEDIA

Good news for everyone who wanted to see me in more videos.  I will be shooting 3 scenes with FORBIDDEN FUNK MEDIA in San Francisco in July.  This is gonna be HOT!! 
 Leather scenes, gang bangs, Hot Latinos and black men fucking long and hard...   More info to come..

I'm also gonna meet with Treasure Island Media about potentially working with them... 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hey everyone,

Get ready because Tomorrow Thursday may 24th from 6 to 9 PM LA time I will be doing my anticipated live shot with Hot porn star Matt Sizemore on Flirt4free Sebastian Rio and Matt Sizemore live show.

Hope to get to see you all and have a great time..  Come and see me how I fuck this stud RAW and cum deep in his asshole..

For more information, you can check out our pages on Flirt4free.  His page is Matt Sizemore.

Mine is Sebastian Rio

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

it has bee a while since I've posted something here now,  I'm in full force.  Just wanted to let you all know that in May 3rd and 4rd I will be shooting new material for BlackBreeders.com And for Forbidden Funk media.  I can wait to start shooting these scenes, because, there is nothing more than coming back to porn with a HOT, STEAMY, ALL RAW..  Films...  From this point on, I will make sure to bring you just more than you regular porn.  I'm in the more extreme, Pissing, humiliation and nasty size on me...  I'll keep you all posted on more to come... 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Check the brad new video of me "Dirt Yates College cocks 5"  HOT sole scene from HOT guys.  This is going to be release on April 17th.  Get you copy.  http://c1r.com for more info... I already watched my scene and it is real HOT..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sebastian Rio At El Ranchero Bar in Tijuana

Hey guys,
Hope all are doing great. Well I’m back from performing at El Ranchero Bar in Tijuana and let me tell you that I had a great time dancing and taking my clothes off for the 500 people that were there. The place was packed and I was very surprised by the reaction of the fans… I got there around 9:30PM and we finally got to the Hotel and there were some things that I didn’t like and that is the MOTEL!! I mean it was safe because was in down town Tijuana but the actually Hotel was not what I was expecting but I guess for the time that I was going to be there it was fine.
I relaxed for about 1 hour with some beer I started to get dressed and I was extremely nervous and excited all at the same time and the is why I started to drink… I met Lorenzo the organizer of the event and we make same final changes to my performance and at 11:30PM the driver picked us up from the hotel to take us to the club that was 5 minutes distance from the hotel but since we had a lot of shit to carried they had a driver. At 12:00AM my show started and by time I was HARD! And ready to perform on stage, I must said that I though that it was going to be really hard to do but at the end it was not hard at all maybe because I had something to drink and I was very excited. The event was my first live show like that and we all had such a great time doing that I’m thinking of doing few more appearances this year, but we’ll see….
I started my show with very little clothing and the crow started going crazy and they were really happy to see my live!!! I danced for about 15 minutes on the first stage/bar poring been over my body and letting it run to my dick and have to fans suck drink the beer from my dick.. The crow went even more crazy went I started doing that, Men and girls alike.. Some of them were trying to take me down of the bar and Lorenzo trying to calm the crow down… I really had an amazing time and I want to thank Lorenzo and Gipsy for all they did for me and for making the event one to remember.
Here are the pictures that I promised not too many because the guy who took them didn’t know how and most of them came out blurring but I hope you enjoy this ones.
By the way I got my underwear stolen from me….. With I found that I really funny.
Overall I think that the event went great and that we all had an amazing time in Tijuana..
Thanks to all for showing up and coming from far away just to see my show.
Sebastian Rio

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sebastian Rio Live show June 20th 2009

Hey guys I just wanted to tell you all that I will be appearing at El Ranchero bar in Tijuana this coming Saturday June 20th. The event is a rare appearance that I will do for my fans and also for the Gay pride in Tijuana. I will try to bring pictures and video and I will make sure to post them here and also on my web site.

This is a very exciting day for me cause This is my very first live show and I'm hoping that I will do good!! Wish me luck...:)

My new video is ready to be release by August at the latest, more news later when have more information about it.


Sebastian Rio

Saturday, May 24, 2008

People talking about the 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards

Its good to know that people are taking the time and efforts to talk about not only the 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards but about my award. I must say that I feel very happy that people are talking about these event and about us the porn stars that works hard to bring our fans the best, HornyDiablo.com talk about my award even though at first they didn't think that I deserved the award!! for some reason, but reading the comments on their site I'm very glad to see that people enjoy, and still watch my films, its so great to find out that after all this time and after not doing much lately they remember me and I have to thank all the fans for that!!!! the other site that talks about the awards is gayporntimes.com they mentioned Mario Cruz of of the BEST!!! and I think amazing guys and performers that I've ever seen there is a full article about Mario Cruz and the rest ot the winners. The 2008 Blatino Erotica Awards like I ahve said before was great many people from all over come to the event and I think that it is time that they get to recognition that they deserved !!!! Another site is kruezeratnight.com they also talked about it I'm very glad that Blatino Erotica awards is getting much deserved attention.
inlamagazine.com. Now I would Want to talk about Mario Cruz before the Botino Erotica Awards I've seen and hear about him and I think I met him before but very shortly and I never got to really get to know him, therefore I'm keeping in touch with him now that I saw him at the event and I really think that he is one of the hottest man I have ever seen, not only he is HOT!! but he really seems like a great guy, I want to get to know more him and maybe become great friends with him, maybe taste his wonderful body..:) I though to write about him because he has a good vive and everything time that I hear about him its always good things, and that makes very happy!!!

Well in other news I wanted to inform you all that My husband and I are leaving for our 3rd year anniversary to Kehena beach on the big Island of Hawaii on November 1st and coming back on the 9th. I'm so excited and happy I can't wait to be there, Sun, Hot weather, In a gay clothing optional resort 5 minutes from the Black beach!! isn't that great??

The place is Absolute Paradise B&B
looks good and just the place for us!! we are going to play a lot and there are other guys to play with we might just do that...:) Well now I'm hard just to think about it.

Well time to go now hope you all are having a great weekend.